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Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with "malice aforethought", and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter).

As the loss of a human being inflicts enormous grief upon the individuals close to the victim, as well as the fact that the commission of a murder is highly detrimental to the good order within society, most societies both present and in antiquity have considered it a most serious crime worthy of the harshest of punishment.

In most countries, a person convicted of murder is typically given a life sentence in gaol. Some other countries include the death penalty for such an act.

In order to successfully prosecute a charge of murder, the prosecution must prove that the accused committed the murder, and that some amount of planning was involved in the murder. If the prosecution is trying to get a conviction, testimony about the crime would be included in the case as well. If the jury is not satisfied with the prosecution's case, the accused may be acquitted, or the charges may be downgraded depending on the specifics of the charge, including evidence, witnesses/no witnesses, what can and cannot be proved (etc), and all murder trials are judged on a case by case basis.

If you have been charged with MURDER it is vital you find the best criminal lawyers in Sydney to defend your case. At CRIMLAW our experienced lawyers and accredited criminal law specialists will structure a comprehensive criminal defence that is targeted at enhancing your chances of a successful outcome.

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