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TESTIMONIALS from Satisfied Clients of CRIMLAW

MM Sutherland - Non-Conviction for personal possession and growing of cannabis

"In March 2018, I, unfortunately, became known to police and received a Court Attendance Notice. I consulted with a couple of solicitors in the local area of the Court I had to attend, but was not satisfied after the consultations. I called Robert Kaufmann from Crimlaw. We had a quick chat about my predicament and I sent him all the paperwork and evidence I had. Not long after, Robert called back for an in depth conversation. He was down to earth, empathetic, caring, generous and most importantly, knowledgeable. When I asked questions, he was able to answer them and know the applicable law from the applicable act, whereas other solicitors said, "I'll have to look it up and get back to you" (but they never did). These qualities instilled confidence in my decision to engage Robert and trust in his ability.  He provided all of the options and possible outcomes available to me and did not pressure me, but allowed me to choose the best option for me. Throughout the whole ordeal, Robert provided not just technical, but moral support. I could not be happier with the service Robert provided and I was even more thankful for his kind, caring and thoughtful nature. Although I hope to never have to speak with him again, I can't recommend Robert Kaufmann from Crimlaw highly enough." 

Best Regards 

MM - Cultivate Prohibited Plant & Possess Prohibited Plant
Sutherland Local Court
Section 10 Bond - non-conviction

JC - Downing Centre Local Court - caught by sniffer dogs at a music festival - non-conviction and job saved

I just wanted to THANK YOU for assisting me during my most difficult time. You not only supported me but you helped me to achieve the outcome we all hoped for.

Rob – you were BRILLIANT today, I was really impressed with the way you represented my matter and I am so thankful to have had you by my side. Not only was I so impressed but a lady came running outside to get your number because she wanted representation from you as well so congratulations!  
I know what I did was wrong but I truly believed I deserved a 2nd chance. Thank You for obtaining this for me. 

I will never forget what you did for me and I will most definitely recommend your services and also how you made me feel so comfortable during this circumstance.

I love you and thank you, 
JC - Possess Prohibited Drug
Downing Centre Local Court
Section 10 Bond - non-conviction

MA - Downing Centre Local Court - avoided conviction for drunken abuse of Airport Officials after a few too many in-flight

This result could not have been achieved without your experience and diligence. I feel like such a burden has been lifted.
I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone i know.....if they tell me they are in trouble☺
My sincere thanks
MA - 
MA - Threaten Commonwealth Official
Downing Centre Local Court 
Section 10 Non-Conviction


NG - Campbelltown - Avoided gaol thru passionate plea and support to help change his offending behaviour

Rob Kaufmann is a lawyer who straight from the beginning knows what he his doing. He has a confidence in and out of the court room that makes you feel like you have found the best person for the job. He is, I believe, the person you want to have representing you in court. He is a lawyer that genuinely cares for his clients and takes his job and their situation serious. He is a straight up guy, telling you what to expect, good or bad. His passion for getting the best outcome possible makes you feel that he is more than just your lawyer but a friend. 

 I bumped into Rob in a car park, down and out after a meeting with legal aid. I was thinking, ‘these lawyers don’t care about me or my situation, what I have to say or feel’. I was fearing going back to jail when I asked a man for a lighter and he asked me with a real genuineness, about how I was doing. With no job, family and a drug addiction, I just told the man the truth. I opened up about my life at that time and my court case and got no judgement or rejection. He gave me straight up advice and concern, especially for how I can better my future.  He told me he was a lawyer and gave me his card and, if I wanted, he was willing to take over my case. I thank God I did and through-out the whole case Rob supported me as a lawyer and friend with not just court but how I could piece my life back together. I saw a lawyer passionately working at keeping me out of jail and always had a way of telling you no lies but making you feel fine. Rob got a result better than I could have imagined and exactly what he was pushing for. You’re the man Rob.

Annonamously Greatful.

NG - Assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm
Campbelltown Local Court
Section 9 Bonds - avoided possible gaol time

CP - Waverley - Indecent Assaults handled with experience and court room decorum resulted in good behaviour bonds

A member of our family was unexpectedly charged with a criminal offence. This was a traumatic event and we needed a criminal lawyer for representation. We were so shocked at the time that we didn’t know where to begin. Robert Kaufmann was recommended to us by another criminal solicitor who had worked and witnessed Robert’s excellent skill and success in all matters of criminal law.
Our anguish was immediately reduced from our first interaction with Robert. 

If you want a skilled, intelligent, competent, confident and caring criminal lawyer, then Robert is your man. Robert was always very professional and conducted our case with expertise.

Robert went over and above our expectations, we could contact him as we needed and he understood the legal events and options with great insight. He worked hard for our family and orchestrated our case to deliver the best possible outcome.

Robert delivered an exemplary defence for us in court and as he spoke, the court room witnessed the judge’s full attention on Robert’s explanations. As a consequence, we received not only a positive outcome, but it was the best possible outcome we could have wished for.

I unreservedly attest to Robert’s exceptional talent and skills as a criminal lawyer.

CP - Indecent Assault
Waverley Local Court
Section 9 Bonds - avoided possible gaol time

MT - Burwood - effective negotiations with Police reduced severity of charges and opened door for a non-conviction

I was charged with serious offences that had the potential to affect my hard earned achievements, commitments and future career. It was a terrifying time in my life.  I needed a skilled criminal lawyer and Robert Kaufmann’s name was given to me as a stand out from someone in the legal system.

I was a young person and Robert treated me in a respectful way. During our first meeting, I felt I immediately connected with him because he understood me and he explained how things would proceed. I felt reassured that he would do his best for me.

I contacted Robert on numerous occasions when I was stressed during the lead up to my court appearance and he always helped me. He addressed my concerns in full. .  Robert represented me in court and he made submissions on my behalf. His speech to the judge and prosecutor was nothing short of impressive. Robert knew the legal facts inside and out. 
I could not have asked for a more professional, articulate and well prepared lawyer.

I had a very good end result with some charges withdrawn and no conviction recorded. I was given a good behaviour bond. 

I will always be grateful to Robert for securing for me the best outcome possible.

MT - Affray, Assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm, Common Assault
Burwood Local Court
Section 10 Bonds - avoided possible gaol time

AO - Burwood, Central, Downing Centre - multiple charges including bail application and breach of bonds - was looking certain for full time gaol - managed to get sentenced to suspended sentences.

Hopefully it's the swaying vote against jail. As he doesn't sound like he wants to send me there but he doesn't want to let me off lightly. 

See u tomorrow thanks again mate for all your help and whatever the out come  you have been absolutely amazing through out all of my court matters and I'm forever in your debt and I concider you not just my fantastic lawyer but a truly good mate. 

AO - Custody of Knife, Possess Unauthorised firearm, Possess Ammunition, Possess Prohibited Drug, Breach of Section 9 Bonds and Breach of Section 12 Bond
Burwood Local Court, Central Local Court, Downing Centre Local Court 
Section 12 Bonds - suspended gaol sentences - avoided full time gaol

CRIMLAW experienced lawyers and accredited criminal law specialists can help you with the following offences:

Homicide and related charges: – Murder, Manslaughter, Malicious Wounding, Conspiracy to commit;
Sexual Assault and related charges – Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault, Possession of Pornography
Assaults – Common Assault, Assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm, Assault occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm, Assault Police etc
Drug Matters (State & Commonwealth) – Supply, Possession, Manufacturing, Importation, Cultivation of Prohibited Drugs or Restricted Substances
Property Offences – Robbery, Fraud, Larceny, Obtain by Deception, Shoplifting, Malicious Damage or Destroy Property
Bail Applications – both Local Court and Supreme Court bail applications and variations.
Commonwealth Prosecutions – Social Security Fraud, Importation of Narcotics, Terrorism charges, Tax Fraud, Money Laundering, Telecommunication Offences
RSPCA Prosecutions – Cruelty to Animal, Failure to provide food, shelter, veterinary care
Parole matters – Revocation of Parole, Periodic Detention, Home Detention, Review hearings before Parole Authority
Traffic matters – please see our Traffic Law page.
Apprehended Violence Matters – Defending applications for AVO, Instituting Applications for AVO, Breach AVO proceedings, Variations and Revocations of AVO’s
Other Serious Offences – including Possession of Firearm, Possession of Explosives, Kidnapping, Extortion, Pervert the Course of Justice, Perjury
Summary Offence type matters – including Offensive Conduct, Offensive Language, Custody of a Knife or Offensive Implement, Railway Offences

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